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Content Creation If you are looking to attract more visitors to your website or build brand/product awareness, social media marketing is excellent to build a repertoire with the online community. In particular, “How-To Guides”, “Top 10 Lists”, and “DIY Manuals” are great ways to indirectly introduce consumers to your company, product, and brand.
Content Promotion Once we decide on the content that is suited to your business needs, we then proceed to accentuate it further. To make sure our content doesn’t get lost in the sea that is the Internet, we take steps to make it more informative and engaging. This is achieved by incorporating inforgraphics where applicable in addition to adding flowcharts, matrix comparison tables and other such tools to the written content.
Content Optimization Social media content development can never be static and we like to be two steps ahead of the current trends. Care is taken to modify existing content so it becomes more relevant or generate new content where required. We also analyze your current business trends and integrate it with our goals and suggestions to build a successful business.
Key Services Online marketing is a whole new ball game and the old means of marketing and distribution won’t get the desired results. Creating online communities that will help you to communicate with your cliental and put across your company’s vision.

Content Creation

♦ Research ♦ Write ♦ Develop: more...

Content Promotion

♦ Seed ♦ Spread ♦ Syndicate: more...

Content Optimization

♦ Observe ♦ Analyze ♦ Improve: more...

Developing Social Strategies:

We try to educate you on the importance of social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, social tagging and how they have become a part of your customers, competitors and other stakeholders. We also believe in furthering your success by making you equipped to beat the competition.

We analyze your current business trends and integrate our goals with your  core value proposition for a smooth transition.

We believe in being specific and completely focused, hence we will provide complete guidance on how to achieve your goals and interact with your customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Providing Expertise In The Following:

Strategies: ExactLead believes in working along with your team by educating them on social strategies and policies pertinent to market conditions.

Building Social Media Campaigns: In conjunction with your team, we aim to build outreach campaigns that are lucrative to your business.

Training Your Team: A successful business is made of team players and we know this. Hence we also train your staff to understand and grasp the social media phenomena.

One Stop Solution: Once you get us on board you don’t need to look any further since we also build dialogues with potential clients by creating online communities.


About Us

When it comes to providing personalized online marketing strategies to its clients, ExactLead has an edge over its competitors.

With us you can be assured of quality and efficiency as we aim to be an one-stop solution to all your online marketing needs.

We know the importance of customization hence all our strategies and infographics are tailored made to suit your budget and individual needs.

So what sets us apart from the competition? For starters our expertise in this field. ExactLead not only has genuine experience in measuring real-world results but also boasts of a world-class professional team.

We pride ourselves for believing in values like ethics, professionalism, integrity and putting the clients need first.